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Ventura County's Premier Youth Soccer Program!
DMS11 is committed to supporting the life goals of everyone we work with. No goal is too small, no ambition too great and no person unworthy of success. Soccer to Stardom - Personal Development to Team training - DMS11 is here for you. Someone will live your dream, Why Not You!

Explore the Quality of The DMS11 Academy Club

Each player was selected to be part of the DMS11 team because of their determination to overcome obstacles to maximize their talents.


The original DMS11 Team was an exceptional group of young men working together for one common goal – Excellence.
DMS11 Academy - A Boutique of Excellence


We have had unprecedented success over the years with our players. This season we are proud to launch the NEW Worldwide Age Group System from US Soccer.
We have a number of exceptionally trained coaches throughout the nation. These coaches have all been trained by Dan Metcalfe or guided by him.


We will find the right balance to challenge you, support you and watch you grow as far as your talent will allow. Your toughest opponent is yourself. Remove the doubt and the world is yours to conquer.
We are currently holding training sessions for players who wish to join our program.


DMS11 is available to train soccer players, or athletes wanting to improve their fitness and strength.
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WELLS FARGO Presents The California Thanksgiving Championship


The California Thanksgiving Championship
26 & 27 November 2016
DMS11 offers dynamic soccer camps designed for youth players to have fun and develop their soccer skills.

"With Age Group Changes in Youth Soccer across the Nation, NOW is the perfect time to find the right club for your player’s future success.

DMS11 is a boutique type club, focusing on quality and personal attention over the large quantity clubs. Our style of play is recognized internationally - a true possession passing game. Each player is invaluable and MUST have a foundation in skill and tactical awareness - as well as physical development.

One touch play, dribbling, movement with and without the ball, systems of play and becoming the best player in any specified position is imperative. Hence the 11- everyone of our players are invaluable to the team result. Any team relying on one or two players for its success is not a team. We do not have substitutes. We have players. Step on the field and you are one of the 11. Fight to stay on the field - in the game of life.

There are two kinds of people in sport - players and spectators. Be THE player. Our success rate for players achieving their goals is second to none - with so many amazing stories that inspire and lead the next generation of dreamers to achieve.

It is exciting to redevelop your system to fit the new changes and embrace the opportunity for all our players to step into their new environment with a passion to remove the fear and drama of change and replace it with excitement and the vision for greatness."

For further information, please visit the Academy page.

Dan Metcalfe
Director - Coach - Mentor