Zev Taublieb


Dan Metcalfe taught me what it takes not just to be a professional, but to be the best. DMS11 training sessions established my technical and tactical foundations. I became a student of the game and my soccer IQ began its much needed development. Dan's understanding of the game and ability to send his message to his players is unmatched. With Dan and DMS11 my passion for the game was met with direction and wisdom. Dan gave me and still gives me the tools to reach my ultimate potential. DMS11 is a massive reason I am at the level I am at today, and will be at an even higher level tomorrow.

Thank you Dan and DMS11 for changing my life on and off the pitch.

Quote: Dan once told me, "why not you?." This has stuck with me since I was 12 years-old. With the tools Dan gave me I have had the distinct pleasure to answer this question with, "now it is me.”

DMS11 Academy Club